• Event Times

    1200hrs - 2230hrs on Sunday 12th June. Arrive early to avoid missing out on all the great music!


    To ensure that you experience a smooth and speedy passage through the gates and into the wonderful world of Folklore, we highly recommend taking a moment to read the terms and conditions that accompany your e­ticket before you arrive. When you do arrive, please have your e­ticket and a valid photographic ID (this is essential – don’t forget it!) so both can be inspected by our friendly security and gate staff. Twelve year olds and under will need a valid photographic ID just like the grown ups, and must be in the company of their mum, their dad or otherwise responsible guardian aged eighteen or over.

    NB: We reserve the right to turn away and to eject anyone we believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and those who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade admission. Play nicely folks.


    To ensure that chaos doesn’t prevail, re­-entry will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, but in the event that you absolutely need to leave and come back in, be aware that you will need your wristband and a pass­out stamp. If you don’t have these, our security staff will have no way of identifying you (don’t rely on them to remember your face out of the thousands who’ll be there on the day!) and entry will be refused. Attendees with wristbands that have been tampered with will be refused re-­entry.


    A secure wristband will be issued once your Folklore ticket has been successfully scanned. Look after your wristband; in fact treat it like a limb. That is to say, don’t remove your wristband (you wouldn’t deliberately remove a limb, would you?) until the end of Folklore. Don’t over tighten or tamper with it either, as we will be unable to offer replacement wristbands. Or replacement limbs for that matter.

  • ID

    As you would expect, valid photographic ID is required by all attendees as proof of age, unless security staff feel that you clearly look 25 years or above. Take it as a compliment if and when you’re asked for ID! Suitable forms of photographic ID include the usual – passports (expired ones are okay), drivers license (expired ones are notokay!) and any photographic ID with the PASS logo on. Photocopies of any form of photographic ID won’t be accepted. In short, don't’ forget your ID.


    Folklore operates under a 7th Category license (Licensing (Jersey) Law 1974), with bars serving alcoholic & non­alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic, non­alcoholic drinks & water are prohibited at all gate entry points – we’ve got nothing against water of course but it’s a control measure to make sure people don’t bring alcohol into the Folklore site. There’s a whole bunch of other things that you can’t bring into the site, too; Umbrellas, selfie sticks, tents, chairs (all deemed an obstruction), bottles, cans, canisters, containers, food, laser pens, unauthorised professional film or video equipment, audio recorders, air horns, spray cans, fireworks, flares, animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs) are not permitted nor any items that may be construed as a weapon. This list is not exhaustive, so basically anything that might be considered dangerous or an obstruction to the enjoyment of your fellow attendees. Any prohibited items will be confiscated and blasted into space, so if you’re unsure, leave it at home.


    Imagine if there was broken glass everywhere at the end of Folklore. That would be quite literally rubbish. Dangerous rubbish at that. Therefore, a strict ‘No Glass’ policy is in force on site to which there are no exceptions. This is for the absolute safety of all Folklore attendees. Glass, as you know, carries a high risk of breakage. So please make sure you leave glass at home as glass items will be refused or confiscated. This includes glass perfume bottles & make up mirrors. Okay, we’ve exhausted this topic. On to the next thing...


    ... Which is, Illegal Substances. Don’t attempt to bring any on site as you stand a real chance of being caught and subsequently arrested. Okay? Great.


    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it once more – play nicely folks. We’re a tolerant bunch but we’re not so tolerant when it comes to unsociable behavior, which will ultimately result in eviction. Anyone attempting to throw projectiles will be arrested immediately and prosecuted. We’re all about peace and loving, so please show some respect for your fellow Folklore attendees, Folklore staff and event security, and of course the artists, and let’s all live together in harmony.


    It’ll come as very little surprise to you to learn that you must be 18 years or over to purchase alcoholic drinks! A CHALLENGE 25 Policy is in operation at all Folklore bars. That means that If you look under 25 years old and wish to purchase alcohol you will require an 18+ age verification wristband. This will be issued upon production of both your valid photographic ID at the age verification booth. Without an 18+ age verification wristband you will not be able to purchase alcohol.


    Please be sensible about your alcohol consumption – any persons deemed overly intoxicated will not be served alcohol. As you’re almost certainly aware, it is illegal to purchase or consume alcohol on licensed premises under the age of 18 years old. It is illegal for anybody aged 18 or over to purchase or obtain alcohol for anybody under 18 years old on licensed premises, so don’t do it please! NB: Any persons caught passing alcoholic drinks to under 18's will be evicted, as will under 18’s caught drinking or under the influence of alcohol. So don’t spoil your day by doing so.

    Again, drink responsibly ­ alcohol dehydrates! If drinking alcoholic drinks, please ensure you manage your consumption sensibly. Pace yourself and top up throughout the day by drinking plenty of water or soft drinks to stay hydrated. The organisers strongly recommend that people travelling to and from Folklore, use the shuttle coach service, public transport, taxis, bicycles, walk or designate a non­alcohol drinking driver to be responsible for your car journeys. It goes without saying, do not drink and drive! It endangers the lives of yourself and others and you risk losing your license. For more information on responsible drinking please visit www.drinkaware.co.uk.

  • FOOD

    Sorry people, but bringing food to Folklore is not permitted. There are lots of catering outlets within the site offering a wide range of tasty delights & refreshments. Make the most of them! All of Folklore’s caterers are fully insured and registered with the States of Jersey Public Health Service. Bon appetit!


    The lost persons point is located at the Jersey Youth Service welfare tent adjacent to the main gate entry point ­ if you’ve become temporarily separated from your child, go there as they will most likely have been brought there by a member of event staff. Please also be aware that amplified music could potentially cause damage to children’s hearing. Never fear however, as you can buy ear defenders from the Folklore T­shirt tent.


    Folklore aims to be accommodating to all, and as such allows for easy access to all areas. There are also loos for disabled persons located on site. If you have a guide dog, they will of course be welcome to come and enjoy Folklore too! But be aware that guide dogs for the blind and/or deaf are the only animals permitted on to the site.


    Loos are located at various points around Folklore and are emptied and cleaned throughout the day. Please respect people using the toilet after you by keeping it clean. Leave it the way you’d hope to find it – you know the drill.


    Nobody likes a litterbug, and Team Folklore is no exception. Please respect Folklore and all areas surrounding the site. We’re darn lucky to have such a stunning location at Val De La Mare so treat it with the respect that its scenic beauty deserves! There are plenty of bins around so remember to use them at all times to dispose of any litter. Recycling bins are provided and we’d be grateful to each and every one of you for giving your support to the on­site recycling program. A clean site is a happy site.


    Losing stuff sucks. We know. But don’t give up hope if you lose something – it may be in Lost Property, which is located at the Folklore T­shirt tent. If you find any lost items, please make it your good deed of the day to hand it in immediately at the T­Shirt tent. You may just make someone’s day. Any lost property remaining after Folklore will be taken to the Police headquarters at Rouge Bouillon, St Helier by noon on Monday 13th June.


    We’re all hoping for a day of sunshine on June 12, but be aware of prolonged exposure to the sun. Use plenty of high factor UV protective sun cream to help avoid the risk of sunburn. You don’t want to be sporting the lobster look – no offence to lobsters intended of course. Please also be aware that prolonged exposure to amplified sound may cause permanent hearing damage. Enjoy the music, but please use appropriate hearing protection!


    Jersey has lots of fantastic hotels, guesthouses, campsites and alternative accommodation such as the many very cool heritage sites that are available to rent during your stay in the island. Pay a visit to www.folklore.org.uk for links to our travel & accommodation partners, or visit www.jersey.comfor a full listing of accommodation in Jersey.


    It’s a good idea to know where you’re going before you set off ­ Folklore is located at the rather lovely Val De La Mare, La Route Du Moulin, St Peter, Jersey. When nearing the vicinity, signage will direct you to Folklore’s designated parking area. Follow the signs to the pedestrian entrance of the event site. General entry is through the main entrance gate of Val De La Mare. Easy. Take a look at the map for further information on routes and traffic flow.


    Liberty Bus Route 22 runs from St Helier to Folklore. Visit www.libertybus.je or call direct on: 01534 828555 for more information


    Do your bit for the environment by avoiding travelling by car if you can. Lots of people on a few coaches is better than lots of people in lots of cars! A Folklore coach service operates round trips to the event site from Peoples Park in St. Helier. They depart on the hour and every fifteen minutes thereafter from 11.45am until 7.30pm. Return Coach trips begin at 9pm until 11pm from the Folklore coach point at La Route Du Moulin, St Peter (see map). Tickets are £6 (+ GST & Booking fee) return per day, available (in advance) from www.folklore.org.uk. Coach tickets are also available on site at the T­shirt tent. Only pre­paid tickets are accepted for travel on the Folklore coach service. NB: Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on any coaches. We trust you’re all happy to co­operate and as such thank you in advance.


    When nearing the Folklore vicinity, please follow the parking signs. Arrive early to guarantee a parking space. The car park opens from 11.30am. Vehicles must vacate the car park by 1pm Monday 13th June. There is parking for approximately 500 vehicles only – so please arrive early to ensure you get a spot, or even better, travel by coach, Bicycle or on foot! See above for details. The organisers cannot accept responsibility for any theft or damage to persons or vehicles whilst using the parking facilities in the assigned areas. Please keep our accommodating neighbours happy by refraining from parking vehicles in neighbouring lanes or roads – vehicles will be towed away and impounded by local authority. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


    We’re extremely privileged to be able to use the amazing Val De La Mare to host Folklore 2016 and naturally would like to continue to do so year after year. Your help is crucial in keeping the local community happy. There are temporary road restrictions to and surrounding the Folklore site for the show day. Remember, not everyone will be at Folklore (much as we’d encourage them to be); some of our neighbours will no doubt be enjoying themselves at home, so please ensure you enter and leave the site quietly at all times, and we’re sure they’ll be happy to welcome us all back to the area next year!